Pine Syrup



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DRAM Pine Syrup is deliciously unusual, the bottled taste of the Rocky Mountains. Our pine syrup has been so popular in our tasting room that we are now selling it! This syrup has a wonderful Pine flavor profile with hints of citrus and woody spice.

Combine with sparkling water to create a refreshing soda or add to cocktails for a unique twist. Wonderful with baked goods, meats and teas.

Ingredients: Hand foraged Colorado Pine, organic sugar, Silver Plume spring water, herbs and spices.

Product Details: 8 fl oz. packaged in a gorgeous amber glass bottle with built in flow control (so you don't pour out too much!)

Refrigerate after opening, will keep 1-2 months when stored properly, we add NO preservatives to our syrups and improper storage may result in swift spoilage.

20 servings.


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