Black Bitters



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DRAM Black has a rich flavor profile with bright notes of black cardamom, black tea, sweet black currants, earthy black walnut and a spicy black pepper finish.  

The flavor is complex, yet lends itself to almost any use. Dresses up classics like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan perfectly; pairs wonderfully with gin, vodka, bourbon and whiskey; adds depth to tea and kick to sparkling water. It is even ideal for adding flavor to baked goods, spicy dishes, or even smoothies.


Ingredients: Organic glycerin, water, cardamom, black tea, back currants, WALNUT SHELL (allergy warning), herbs and spices.

***This blend contains black walnut hulls and may cause irritation to those with nut allergies.

Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, No-GMO's, All Natural, Vegan. All ingredients wild or organic. 4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in dropper. 

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