Proraso Shave Foam



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It guarantees a pleasant, quick and easy shave for even the toughest beards and driest skin. It's rich in emollients that soften the beard, facilitating a close shave and rejuvenating and nourishing the skin.
The formula, enriched with Sandalwood Oil and Shea Butter softens the beard and deeply nourishes the skin.
Its recipe, based on vegetable stearin, has been enriched with natural ingredients for a particularly rich lather that enhances the razor's glide. With eucalyptus oil & menthol the formula is designed to combine cleansing & toning with a refreshing, revitalizing effect. 
The ideal solution for those who have sensitive skin that becomes easily irritated. Thanks to its thick and creamy texture, it protects the skin like an invisible shield and facilitates the razor's glide, helping to prevent irritation and micro-cuts. For a more pleasant, quick and easy shave without damaging sensitive skin. Ideal for sensitive skin enriched with oatmeal and green tea for an emollient and soothing effect. It's the ideal way to calm redness caused by shaving. 

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