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Tobacco leaf lends a raw intensity and a deep, smoky aroma to this composition. Its essence creates a sense of intimacy, ideally felt sitting on a Sunday night by fireplace in late autumn. The moisture from the Connecticut River infiltrates the earth, allowing for ideal cultivating conditions for New England’s shade tobacco. Shade tobacco is one of the most demanding and labor intensive varieties, and thus is used as an wrapper for some of the world’s rarest cigars.

     Base: Tobacco Leaf, Benzoin, Vetiver
     Mid:    Egyptian Rose, Cardamom, Basil
     Top:   Neroli, Grapefruit


East Hampton:

Reminiscent of the historic, rustic cedar-shingled waterfront homes, Atlantic white cedar originally thrived in swampy, low-elevation wetlands, characteristic of the Hampton and Montauk areas. Although the swamps were diminished by rising sea levels, over logging, and clearing for farmland, few Atlantic White Cedar stands still remain.The smoldering and balsamic cedar grounds the white floral notes, revealing a woody floral ensemble that reminds one of bohemian summers walking barefoot along the dune-lined white beaches.

     Base: Italian Bergamot, White Grapefruit, Citrus Notes
     Mid:   Egyptian Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, Gardenia, Magnolia
     Top:   Marine Notes, Leather, Indonesian Patchouli, White Woods

The scent of magnolia is creamy yet fresh due to its marriage of vanilla and lemon zest essences. In our Savannah fragrance, it adds a warmth that is undeniably happy and cheerful. While Georgia naturally evokes images of rows of peach trees stretching across acres of farmland, Savannah’s Southern magnolia trees, also known as magnolia grandiflora, resonate in the minds of its natives. The fragrant ivory blossoms bloom in the spring and are so fragrant that just one flower can fill an entire room with scent.



     Base:  Green Tea, White Musk
     Mid:    Magnolia, Jasmine
     Top:   Grapefruit, Raspberry



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