Citrus Medica Bitters

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An exotic blend of citrus rinds and blossoms to create an unparalleled flavor profile similar to your favorite orange bitters, but with the added depth of Orange Blossom and Hibiscus Flower.

Bright and lively on the palate with heavy balanced citrus on the front and soft floral undertones to finish. Perfect with juice, tea, sparkling water, cocktails, baked goods, sauces, smoothies, and marinades. Pairs particularly well with Vodka, Tequila, Mezcal.


Ingredients: Organic vegetable glycerin, water, citrus rinds, herbs and spices.

Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, No-GMO's, All Natural, Vegan. All ingredients wild or organic. 4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in dropper. 

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