Hair of the Dog Bitters

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DRAM "Hair of the Dog" Hangover Tonic is handcrafted using a unique blend of herbs known to ease the ailments caused by the overindulgence of a good time. Can be mixed into cocktails or employed to alleviate nausea, stress headaches, anxiety, or an upset stomach.

Reminiscent of aromatic bitters, this tonic is warm and spicy with flavors of ginger, fennel, cinnamon and wild herbs.

Pairs perfectly with Whiskey, Bourbon, Tea, or by itself in soda water. Wonderful in an Old-Fashioned or a Manhattan. 


Ingredients: Organic glycerin, water, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, meadowsweet, herbs and spices. 

Alcohol Free, Gluten Free, No-GMO's, All Natural, Vegan. All ingredients wild or organic. 4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in dropper. 

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